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As Christians, we believe everyone deserves acceptance and forgiveness. At Trinity Church, we welcome you to come as you. While none of us are perfect, we can all focus our gaze toward grace, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Looking for a supportive community that will encourage you toward God? Look no further. We offer a multitude of ways to grow in your faith and friendships through adult ministries, events, weekly worship, and more.

This world can feel big and overwhelming. God knows that we crave love and security. He’s reaching out with His unconditional love and a comforting hand. God’s love is great. Come experience it at Trinity.

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Membership classes are a one-time event designed to introduce new people to our congregation's mission and many ministries. If you're looking for a faith community to provide you support, guidance, and growth in faith as well as joyful fellowship and opportunities to serve with people who love God, please join us! New Member orientations are usually offered two or three times throughout the year. For more information, please email us

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