Endowment Trust

To serve God's people in Christ's name by providing financial foundations to the ministries and missions of Trinity Lutheran Church for all generations.

Endowment Trust

The Trinity Endowment Trust Fund is a means by which you can leave a legacy of your faith in God.

The Endowment Trust is overseen by a Board elected by the congregation to wisely invest contributions so that it grows and provides interest and dividends that are then used to advance the mission of Trinity and make a difference in the world. Through grants and scholarships, this fund extends the kingdom of God in tangible ways.

It exists so that your values and legacy of Christian faith will live on and further God’s work for generations to come. Gifts to the Endowment Trust become part of a perpetual fund.

You can leave a lasting gift to the future of this mission through the wise distribution of your estate. When you include the Trinity Endowment Trust Fund in your current giving or through a will, your assets go on to influence lives with God’s love for generations to come.

Faith Lights

Grant applications may be made online and are due by May 1 and November 1.

Endowment Grant Application

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If your program receives a grant, we ask that you attend the Women’s Giving Circle Spring Gathering to share the impact of the grant on your program.

We would also appreciate any photos and other documentation you could give us for possible use on the website, in other promotional materials and to share with the congregation.